Refocussing, developed by Dr Diane Divett from Auckland, New Zealand, is an integration of psychology, theology and counselling theories and practices. Diane developed a comprehensive ‘seven foci system’ designed to focus on ‘needs’ in all dimensions (cognitive, emotional, social, economic, recreational, spiritual, moral, environmental/geographical, career/job.

Refocussing is applicable to an individual (child, adolescent, adult), couple, family, group or organisation. The goal of Refocussing is to: (1) Focus on and identify when, where & how unmet needs may have become problematic, interfering with development across the life span;  and then to (2) refocus, by employing ‘God Spaces’ to activate healing, resources and resolution for the problems. Check out a course.

Dr Diane Divett provides psychological, counselling & pastoral care services


Hamish and Diane Divett - Refocussing
Refocussing counselling, coaching or awareness, helps people learn skills to develop and enhance their relationships. Problems often arise because of what we observed and learned in our earlier relationships. Unless these problems are dealt with, they are highly likely to affect the way we think, feel and behave in the present & future.  Therefore, Refocussing skills will provide effective ways to deal with problems so  focus on solutions, growth, cohesion and intimacy can be achieved.

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Kids & Families

Kids may need help with fears, anxiety, nightmares, depression, coping with divorce, behaviour problems, school, & mental health issues? By getting treatment early, they will be able to learn powerful refocussing skills, which help them attend to damaging, cognitive, emotional, spiritual and behavioural  patterns, so they can Refocus, gaining empowering solutions to help them in the present and the future.

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God Spaces®

‘God Spaces’ is central to Refocussing, providing people with a way to bring their faith into their healing, awareness, counselling or life coaching process. Not only does God Spaces enable people to find where God is for each person, but also, to be able to actually experience God, and then describe, by using one’s own language, symbols, and metaphors  what God is showing, telling or giving people, in order to receive his empowering healing, resources, and resolution for their needs.
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“Refocussing and Godspaces is the most practical tool I have encountered for people to both access and live out these biblical truths”.

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Peter McHugh

Senior Pastor, Stairway Church Melbourne

“This (Refocussing) event has radically changed my perspective as for years I had harbored such a deep lonely loss and felt nothing could be done about it. Although it’s the first step of many, I see that God doesn’t forget our pain and just wants the opportunity to get in there and change stuff – and I am so grateful to Him. And to Di Divett for knowing his heart and applying her skills at that crucial time for me”.

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Amber (not her real name)

Counselling client, Refocussing Clinic