Refocussing Therapy

Refocussing is a professional practice from which many people worldwide continue to report life changing experiences. Refocussing theory and practice was originated and developed by Dr Diane Divett who has been a teacher and also the co-senior pastor of several churches alongside her husband Hamish Divett.

As the name suggests, Refocussing is about focus and refocus using the pivotal component – ‘Godspaces’, which provides people with a way to connect to God’s power and presence, empowering them to  achieve a balanced and holistic way of living.

It was during Dr Diane Divett’s years as a pastor she developed the theology fundamental to Refocussing and then researched and developed this further as  a core part of her Masters degree in 1992-1995 , following it up by completing a Ph.D (Doctor of Philosophy degree) at the University of Auckland, New Zealand.

The counselling theory and its development is outlined in the book,  ‘Refocussing and God Spaces a holistic counselling theory and practice’ (2011), authored by Dr Diane Divett. Book available: Refocussing-Spaces-holistic-counselling-practice.


Refocussing is (i) a holistic life development process as well as (ii) a well researched counselling theory and practice, created by Dr Diane Divett. It provides an integration of theology and psychology.  Because of this well researched integration  process it has application for: individuals, couples, and groups to bring greater  awareness to relationships, vision, and strategic planning; it is also a comprehensive pastoral care programme able to be used in churches or organisations such as hospitals for chaplains ; as well it is a coherent and comprehensive counselling theory and practice.

Refocussing has been developed into a series of specific educational programmes with accompanying curriculum including Refocussing as:

  1. a comprehensive counselling theory and practice, namely Refocussing theory (RF) and its practice Refocussing therapy (RFT);
  2. a programme for small groups  developing people’s awareness  of God, self and others;
  3. a life-mapping and life coaching course;
  4. a theory and practice, namely – ‘Godspaces’ to encounter and experience God;
  5. a leadership development pastoral supervision and church consultancy programme.

This is the original, authorised site of Refocussing. Dr Diane Divett (Ph.D; M.Ed in counselling; PGHSC (Child & adolescent mental health), B.Ed, Dip Teaching, RFI) is the originator and developer of Refocussing as a life coaching, life mapping, self awareness theory and practice including Refocussing as the counselling theory and practice .